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To materialize our vision of all round development of the students as well as the surrounding areas the institution has undertaken the following missions.


  1. To provide value based education
  2. To provide opportunity for quality higher education to the deprived and marginalized section of the society in this area.
  3. To develop competitive environment among the students with good value system and prepare them to confront the contemporary challenging world.
  4. To provide opportunities for unraveling the talents of our students in the sphere of games and sports
  5. To develop the college into an information hub for the rural population where information technology is not easily accessible.
  6. To promote environmental awareness among the local population and enrich nature by plantations.
  7. To boost the cultural environment by providing platforms to the students in the areas of singing and performing arts.
  8. To address the issue of conflict management by hosting friendly exchange programmes among the cross border communities.
  9. To promote women empowerment by organizing various programmes time and again.
  10. To impart nationalist sentiments among the students that will promote national unity and integrity.


  1. To make the administration more transparent, accessible and shared.
  2. To convert the entire process of admission, feedback, attendance etc from the traditional process to online process.
  3. To generate more revenues from own sources to maintain the existing facilities properly.
  4. To establish in-house production centre with the help of the students of vocational courses.


Sarupathar college believes it to be its utmost priority to develop the mind, body and intellect of the students and thereby bring in all round development of selfhood. This institution belongs to a remote and rural area and thus it is a primary concern to make it a rural institution of excellence. It endeavors to bring in prosperity and disseminate knowledge among this rural region which is mostly lagging behind in economic and literary spheres. The demographic pattern of students in this institution shows an assimilation of diverse ethnic and cultural identities. Consequently it becomes a place of cross cultural integrity and the student community is encouraged to respect all cultural identities while trying their best to work for the upliftment and preservation of their own cultural traditions. The institution aims at imparting knowledge, discipline and human values to its students coming from different walks of life and thereby makes them good citizens who can contribute towards nation building. The goal of this institution is to make higher education easily accessible and affordable for the country folk of the surrounding who are leading tough agrarian lifestyle.