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   Education is the backbone of a healthy, progressive and prosperous human society. Every educational institution plays a pivotal role in disseminating knowledge and inculcating values among individuals. An educational institution needs to enrich the store-house of knowledge and distribute the nectar of education among the students. In the process it contributes towards the building of responsible citizen of the nation. With the unprecedented development in Information and Communication Technology, the quality of imparting education should be adopted accordingly to meet the demands of global competitive environment.

   There are problems with today’s education system. The student coming out of the educational institutions are unprepared and are unable to meet the demands of society. Hence, the pursuit of quality in higher education must be conceived by educationists as the vision and mission. In view of the present scenario, it is very essential for the teachers as well as students not only to be equipped with the competence in the concerned subject but also be highly committed, devoted and dedicated to studies.

   A society’s march towards prosperity will only remain a dream, its aspirations unfulfilled and unrealized, till the students’ community is lagging behind morally and intellectually. Hence, in order to keep pace with time, the students ought to be oriented with the latest developments in all spheres of life and be acquainted with the latest technologies. But to orient the students with latest developments is a challenging task. Sarupathar College is resolved to face all adversities posed by circumstances, both physical and social. The college is striving its best to uplift the students and invigorate them to meet the challenges through quality education. As a reward of the college fraternity’s constant endeavor and their sincere efforts, many students have been able to glorify the name of the college with their best performances in education, sports and other fields of excellence.

   With a view to materializing the dreams of imparting quality education, our college has undertaken a number of innovative schemes. In the fast changing social scenario, the education system needs constant assessment and up-gradation for which our college fraternity has been working relentlessly. As the Principal of this college, I hereby take pledge to devote my time and spirit for all round development of the college. With this aim we, the entire staff of Sarupathar College, are providing various facilities to the students and the college authority has directed its endeavours towards constructing a good college campus at the earliest. Academic and intellectual events like seminar, workshop, field study, study tour constitute some of the routine academic events taken up in the college. On the other hand the students of our college also keenly participate in quiz, extempore speech, group discussion, seminars, debating and symposium which motivate their thirst for knowledge. The college provides inter-disciplinary classes on important and current topics to keep the students updated with all the national and international events. The Moral Value Education Cell inculcates moral value education to help our students build character and enable them to become decent citizens. Apart from these, we are constructing digital class rooms, pavilion, computerized library, computerized career guidance and counselling cell besides other infrastructural developments. We are also glad to disclose that hostel facilities for both boys and girls will be available from the ensuing academic session, while separate room for every teaching department has already been constructed.

   Let us cherish the dream of transforming this college into an ideal institution of higher education in the forthcoming days.

Dr. Prapti Thakur


Sarupathar College

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