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Sarupathar College was established in 1970 and the department of sociology was started in 1975-76 sessions. The head of the department was Mr. Soneswar Bharali. The Department originally consisted of only one lecturer. He has initiated the department with a few students without the departmental library. But in the central library of the college, there were few numbers of sociological books. In B. A (pass course) permission was received from Dibrugarh University to start degree classes in Arts w.e.f. the session 1981-82 vide letter no. D.U/ADMN/AFF/1/82/4598 dtd. 05/04/1982 in the subject of sociology from the session 1982-83. In pass course Govt. concurrence obtained vide letter No. EPH-248/83/242 dtd.28/10/1983. In B. A (Major Course) also received permission from the Dibrugarh University to start degree classes in Arts w.e.f. the session 1991-92 vide letter No. D.U/ADMN/AFF/EC/196/92/155257 dtd. 07/02/1992. and the Govt. concurrence for the Major course obtained vide letter No. EPH-248/83/242 dtd.2810/1983. The Department of Sociology introduced Major Courses at the undergraduate level from the year of 1992-93. The founder head of the department was Mr. Soneswar Bharali who retired from his service in April 2004. After his retirement, Dr. Bhadeswar Borah has taken the responsibility for the department as HOD and he retired from his service on 31st January 2015. Then, Mrs. Moniprova Bora has taken the responsibility for the department as HOD after the retirement of Dr. Bhadeswar Bora.

At different times, various lecturers have given their services to the department on a contractual basis. In the year of 1995 Prof. Joyti prasad Saikia(At present HOD of Dibrugarh University) joined the department of sociology and served for 2 years. In 2010-2011Aysengmung Buragohain, 2012-13 Montu Doimari, 2014-16 Krishna Konwar (lien post), 2015-2018 Nita Patir and Munmee Gogoi taught and have given their services to the department. At present, the Department is composed of the following lectures namely-Mrs. Moniprova Bora (HOD), Dr. Premkanta Bora, Mr. Krishna Konwar, and Premananda Borah (contractual basis), Krishnapriya Rajak (contractual basis), Jayanta Phukan (contractual basis). Currently, faculty members of the department are teaching Major and Non-Major Courses at the Department of Sociology in the College.


The department of sociology’s vision is to achieve intellectual, academic, and cultural development of the people of the region. The department is to provide quality-oriented teaching that may bring out the potential of the students.  The department also planning to organize quality improvement and awareness programmes for students with the help of various activities.


The mission of the department of Sociology is to provide quality higher education, and promote scientific understanding of social life through teaching and service. Department is trying to develop an understanding of sociological behaviors among the students and trained them for the betterment of society. 

The department has incessantly been trying to develop research skills, national sentiment, inter-ethnic integration, self-dependent along with good academic careers among the learners. A few learners of the Department of Sociology are also able to achieve rank under Dibrugarh University in this year 2022. Besides, they are also allowed to enhance their cultural ability and the student are counseled to orient towards vocational and add-on courses. 

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Dr. Prem Kanta Borah
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