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The department chiefly aims to enhance knowledge about English language and literature among its students. Furthermore, it also tries to develop communication skills of the students.


To stimulate and develop creative imagination and critical thinking of the students.
To train students in communication skills in English.
To foster love and knowledge of literature and language in our students.
To provide education to students so as to make them effective thinkers, readers and writers who can address the challenges of the new century.


To develop critical reading and effective writing among students.
To enhance and encourage continual personality development of the students.
To make the students aware of the rich and vibrant World of English literature.
To develop analytical thinking and the ability to use language effectively for better socialization.
To inculcate among students the humanitarian and ethical values so as to create better citizens of the country.


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Our Programs and Curriculum

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Pranjal Dutta
Assistant Professor 
Phone: +91 7896446525